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Products involved in four categories over 40 varieties

JONES four core products: thermal management materials, shielding material, power filters, EMC / EMP Services


Widely used in more than 10 hot industry

Products used in industrial manufacturing, rail transportation, smart devices, communications, medical, electronics, new energy industries


With over 20 years of operating history of its own brand

Maintained with Samsung, Siemens, ZTE, Huawei, Ericsson, ABB and many MNCs close cooperation


Environment and Sustainable Development

We are committed to providing meet and exceed environmental standards and certification of green products. Commitment to comply with all laws and regulations in your area.

Jones Tech PLC

Jones Tech PLC is engaged in providing creative solution to improve the reliability of electronics equipments. Established in year 1997, with its rich R&D resources and manufacturing experience, Jones Tech has been serving telecommunications, medical electronics, IT, industrial machinery manufacturing, rail transportation and renewable energy.

“We are committed to improving the overall reliability of IEDs solutions”

Solutions are everywhere, but we only offer the smart ones.

Local access, global thinking.


Thermal Management EMI Shielding EMC Filters EMC/EMP Service
Thermal Pad Thermal Gel Thermal Grease Phase Change Materials Synthetic Graphite
Thermal Pad Thermal Gap Filler Pad is design to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and high thermal conductivity.
Thermal Gel Thermal Gel is a soft, single part, silicone putty thermal gap filler in which no cure is required. This gap filler is designed to be used where large gap tolerances are present and low mechanical stress on delicate components are needed.
Thermal Grease Thermal Greases are designed to perform low thermal resistance between high watt density chips like CPUs, GPUs, ASICS, Northbridge chipsets and heat sink. They provide high thermal conductivity, minimum bonding thickness, and surface wetting.
Phase Change Materials Phase change material is designed to maximize heat sink performance and improve component reliability. Thermal Phase Change Material completely fills interfacial air gaps and voids.
Synthetic Graphite Jones VANOC synthetic graphite film is an extremely light and flexible material synthesized from polymer precursor by a high temperature heat treatment process.
Conductive Rubber Conductive Fabric Gasket Knitted Wire Mesh Strip Shield Window IP Silicone Gasket Air Vent FIP Dispensing
Conductive Rubber Jones self-developed co-extrusion conductive rubber composites, which is made of conductive composites and non-conductive silicone, have excellent conductive property, shielding effectiveness, water/gas sealing property.
Conductive Fabric Gasket Conductive Fabric Gaskets are composed with electrically conductive fabric and foam. These gaskets are available in strips with customized profiles or sheets. They are suitable to provide EMI shielding to indoor equipments or grounding applications.
Knitted Wire Mesh Strip Wire Mesh Gaskets with Elastomer Core are double layers of wire knitted over rectangular or round shapes of neoprene or silicone. They provide sealing against dust, rain, ventilation and other limited environmental conditions.
Shield Window Air vent can be the main source producing electromagnetic disturbance due to leaking. Shielding vent use the theory of cutting off wave conductivity which has solved the conflicts between airiness and shielding.
IP Silicone Gasket Jones self-developed silicone seal material has excellent water/gas sealing property, erosion resistance and long service life and wide operating temperature range.
Air Vent JONES Push-in Vent is design for venting air and preventing water intake. Through it excellent permeability, Push-in Vents balance the air pressure difference between inside of housing and environmental condition and low the pressure on seal gaskets.
FIP Dispensing JONES–FIP is thermal cure, electrically conductive EMI gasketing material containing nickel-plated graphite particles dispersed in a silicone elastomer.
Single-Phase Filter Three-Phase Filter Feed Through Filter Filter For PV DC Power Supply Filter PCB Series Filter Gradient Filter Interference Components
Single-Phase Filter JONES Single-phase filters contain A/B series, C/D series, Z series, T series, and High-Voltage AC series. They have excellent attenuation performance to eliminate the common-mode and differential-mode EMI.
Three-Phase Filter JONES Three-phase/three-wire filters contain universal H series, high performance F series, and ultra performance I series. JONES also provides M series which are Three-phase/four-wire filters.
Feed Through Filter JONES Feed through filters have excellent suppression performance in high frequency. They have high current capacity and compact size which result in easy installation and high reliability.
Filter For PV JONES filters for PV have the characteristics of reducing conducted emissions towards the solar panel and good filtering performance of common-mode and differential-mode.
DC Power Supply Filter JONES DC Power Supply filters have special design for DC power line. Besides they are easy to install, they have excellent attenuation performance to eliminate the common-mode and differential-mode EMI.
PCB Series Filter JONES PCB series filers are well designed in compact size with pin configurations for PCB mount, which lead to easy installation at client end.
Gradient Filter JONES Gradient filters are primarily target at medical equipments, they have excellent suppression performance to eliminate the common-mode and differential-mode EMI.
Interference Components JONES EMI interference components have special design to help electronic equipments to meet EMI/EMC and ESD related international requirements.
Design Consulting Services Synchronous Development Product Assessment And Diagnos Design And Solutions Solution Customization Engineering Technology
Design Consulting Services As the China-made products touch every aspect of people’s life, manufacturers of electrical equipment are on their way towards to globalization and inevitably should dealing with the rigorous mandatory EMC accreditation requirements of their key markets.
Synchronous Development Collaborating with customers for EMC design is not considered by most companies at product design stage. Examples of reason include.
Product Assessment And Diagnos Backed up by highly responsive support from an EMC team noted for its strong experience and in-depth expertise, we work in close cooperation with accredited laboratories around the nation.
Design And Solutions The filters are specially designed according to PV inverter system installation/EMC requirement that applicable to grid-connection inverter and enables your PV power generation system comply with international / domestic EMC standards.
Solution Customization Support you on the third party laboratory EMC test You are ready to go through the third party EMC certification when your product has passed EMC preliminary test, Jones works in close cooperation with accredited laboratories around the nation.
Engineering Technology How to make your products meet the EMC entry standard in the domestic and overseas market? How to get products certified at an economic cost? How to make your engineers have in-depth knowledge of EMC design? How to set up a complete set of EMC procedures?


The New Energy

The New Energy

Both ecological and economic efficiency of enterprises

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Improve the level of modern medical science and technology

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

Reliable Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility



EMI needs of the global communications industry



Automated mechanical process quality and operational reliability

Smart Devices

Smart Devices

Electronic systems are highly intelligent control and reliability

EMC Applications

EMC Applications

Complexity and accuracy of the system requirements

Office Automation

Office Automation

Using the device with the requirements of the people-oriented factors

"Committed to improving the reliability of the intelligent electronic equipment the overall solution"


Company to Showcase Its Latest Products in Silicon Valley

Company to Showcase Its Latest Products in Silicon Valley

San Jose, USA – March 1, 2018 – JONES TECH PLC today announced it will showcase industry-leading ther
JONES and Markt & Techni
Chairman of the board, Edmund Wu, has been interviewed by German magazine “Ma...
JONES team attended Korea Electronics Show 2015
During 14th Oct , 2015 to 17th Oct , 2015, Korea Electronics Show 2015(KES) ...
JONES participated in SEMI-THERM 31.
During 17th to 18th March in 2015, JONES has successfully attended SEMI-THERM ...
Enterprise Certification
Jones's sales network covers Asia, Europe, the Americas. In Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen has sales offices, and the establishment of overseas offices in Sweden, the United States, Jones professional sales team to provide you with the quickest and most comprehensive business services.
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